In 2012 I fell ‘twice’ in love, with my Thai wife and the coffee business in Asia!

“Jim Espresso”

As the son of an Indonesian mother and a Dutch father, whilst living in the Netherlands, I made my career in the home appliances market in Europe. During an international meeting in Spain also the Thailand subsidiary was participating and that’s how I met my future Thai wife in Spain! At the HoReCa exhibition in Amsterdam I fell again in love, this time with Catunambu coffee, coffee roasters from Spain since 1897! The Catunambu Group wasn’t yet represented in Asia which was the perfect opportunity to combine my two ‘loves’.

Up till January 2014 I was frequently flying back & forth between Amsterdam and Bangkok to establish and launch in January 2014 Coffee Group Asia Co., Ltd. in Thailand, partner of the Catunambu Group and responsible for the distribution in Asia.

Jim Cromzigt La Rocca factory partner

Jim Cromzigt La Rocca factory partner

JSPREZZO is since 2020 the registered Brand- and Trade name of Coffee Group Asia Co., Ltd.. The Catunambu Group is also the owner of the La Rocca factory in Spain, since 1985 manufacturer of handmade professional espresso machines. The local coffee production in Asia is huge which also results in a very interesting market for professional espresso machines!

Think Global, Act Local

As factory partner of the Spanish group, and supported with their 126 year coffee knowledge, we created a dedicated European ‘Asia’ range in JSPREZZO/La Rocca espresso machines & JSPREZZO Exclusivities, Barista Tools, Coffee blends & Home Use range.